Starting with the SynergyHD3™ surgical video system and continuing with SynergyUHD4™ imaging system, Arthrex has become synonymous with innovative endoscopic visualization. The SynergyID™ imaging system furthers this story with a system that combines Synergy with superior near-infrared fluorescence imaging to see more than ever before. Benefits of the Synergy imaging platform are:

  • An all-in-one imaging console including LED lighting and image management to free up OR space and simplify equipment setup
  • Tablet control to make system use easier and allow surgeons to focus on patient care instead of equipment
  • 4K video and multisensor camera heads to achieve the best possible endoscopic image quality

SynergyID comes with a valuable toolbox of image management features, including:

  • Video live streaming to any authorized remote viewer
  • Photo capture and video recording
  • Export to USB and network locations such as PACS or network share
  • The Synergy Surgeon App for iPad
  • Integrated Wi-Fi

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