The TightRope Attachable Button System (ABS) revolutionized minimally invasive, adjustable loop suspensory fixation grafts used in knee ligament surgery. Suitable for all graft types, the TightRope II ABS implant loops can be attached to a variety of button configurations for fixation over sockets created with a FlipCutter® drill or full tunnels with concave buttons. The new flat-tape TightRope II ABS implant loop improves handling characteristics and can reduce graft abrasion.1 Able to easily pass through narrow bone tunnels, the two-piece TightRope II ABS implant allows increased cortical fixation with the assembly of a large button over the cortical bone. During all-inside ACL reconstruction, use the TightRope II ABS implant for tibial fixation in QuadLink™ and GraftLink® techniques or graft fixation over small bone tunnels created during transtibial ACL reconstruction.



1. Arthrex, Inc. Data on file (LA1-00038-EN_B). Naples, FL; 2017.

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