Trip of a Lifetime: Melissa Ritacco's Family Reunion

Melissa Ritacco “I don’t know any other company that does this for their employees,” shared Resolution Specialist Melissa Ritacco. “I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to have an employer that allows me to do things with my family that I otherwise would not be able to do.”

Melissa is just one of many Arthrex employees who are grateful for the company’s “Trip of a Lifetime” program. For every five years of service with Arthrex, employees are eligible for a company-paid trip to the destination of their choice and an extra 40 hours of Paid Time Off (PTO) in which to take the trip. Melissa chose to go to South Carolina to visit her mom.

She explains, “My mother and I have always been very close. We spent a lot of time together when she was here, and the kids were the best of friends. Several years ago, she and my niece moved to South Carolina. We only see them once a year now when they drive down here for one week in the summer. Thanks to my five years of service award in 2011, I was able to take the kids up to see them and we stayed at a resort full of fun and activities. It was so much fun that we’ve been talking about it ever since! Thank you Arthrex for providing us the opportunity to spend time with our family. These are memories we will cherish for a lifetime."

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