Trip of a Lifetime: Arthrex Sous Chef Francis Roy's Trek to Thailand

Chef Roy“My trip to Phuket, Thailand was absolutely incredible,” said Arthrex Sous Chef Francis Roy. “I practiced boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA at the Tiger Muay Thai boxing camp on 'The Sol' in the Chalong Area, and have come back home feeling empowered. This trip meant a lot to me, this camp felt like a home away from home as I share a love for boxing even right here in the states, at Title Boxing Club Naples. This experience pushed and challenged me, and through it I have become a stronger person and boxer. I am blessed that I was able to have this experience paid for by Arthrex in honor of my five years of service. Arthrex provided the opportunity for me to travel the world and do what I love at an authentic Muay Thai Training camp where professional athletes from all over the world have trained, even UFC superstar George St. Pierre! This milestone not only was important to me professionally, it will also forever be a huge accomplishment for me personally as well.”

One of Arthrex’s most distinctive and valued recognition programs is the Years of Service Awards and “Trip of a Lifetime” program. Employees who achieve five years of service with Arthrex are eligible for a company paid trip just like Francis’ to the destination of their choice and an extra 40 hours of Paid Time Off (PTO) in which to take the trip. This “Trip of a Lifetime” benefit is awarded for every additional five years of service at increasing reimbursement increments. Employees look forward to this generous benefit to create a lifetime of special memories.

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