Trip Of A Lifetime: Tiffany Roarty’s Fall Fete

Tiffany“On my 10-year trip in October, I flew into Boston and then traveled up to Salem, Gloucester and Rockport, Massachusetts," said Sr. Graphic Designer Tiffany Roarty. "It had been 20 years since I had experienced the fall, so I wanted to see it again. That’s the only season I miss in Florida since growing up in the Midwest. Besides, everyone knows I’m a Halloween junkie so I thought Salem would be an excellent place to visit. Thanks to Arthrex, the flights, hotels and rental car went smoothly. I had many a conversation with people up there about my trip and all of them couldn’t believe what a generous company Arthrex is. Thanks Arthrex!”

One of Arthrex’s most distinctive and valued recognition programs is the Years of Service Awards and “Trip of a Lifetime” program. Employees who achieve milestone years of service anniversaries with Arthrex are eligible for a company paid trip just like Tiffany’s to the destination of their choice and an extra 40 hours of Paid Time Off (PTO) in which to take the trip. This “Trip of a Lifetime” benefit is awarded for every five years at increasing reimbursement increments. Employees look forward to this generous benefit to create a lifetime of special memories.

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