Trip of a Lifetime: Manuel Prieto’s Paradise Vacation

We're highlighting Years of Service trip experiences for employees who are celebrating five years or more with the company, like Manufacturing Engineer Technician Manuel Prieto and his family's visit to the Dominican Republic, courtesy of Arthrex and its generous benefits.


“My family and I spent a week in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic enjoying Arthrex’s Years of Service reward to its employees. The beaches had the perfect temperature, crystal clear waters and soft white sand. My kids had an amazing time. The little one learned to say ‘pool’ and ‘beach’ while my oldest one wanted to move and live there. He kept repeating ‘This is life! I want to live here!’ Believe me when I say, it was the best vacation we’ve ever had. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity and wanted to thank Arthrex for making this Trip of a Lifetime possible.”

The Trip of a Lifetime program is one of Arthrex’s most distinctive and valued recognition programs. For every five years of service, Arthrex employees are eligible for a company-paid trip just like Manuel’s to the destination of their choice and an extra 40 hours of paid vacation time in which to take the trip. Employees look forward to this generous benefit to create a lifetime of special memories.

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