Phil O’Quinn Explores the Emerald Isle


Senior Product Manager Phil O’Quinn took a whirlwind trip around Ireland to celebrate his 25 years as part of the Arthrex team. Phil’s trip highlights a unique benefit at Arthrex—for every five years of service, employees are eligible for a company-funded Trip of a Lifetime. Phil was happy to share what his one-of-a-kind trip was like: CliffsofMoher

“My family and I have wanted to visit the “Emerald Isle” for many years and the trip was everything we hoped it would be and more! We started with a train ride through the countryside, from Dublin to Limerick, in the southwestern part of the island. From Limerick, we explored Ireland’s famous coastline, including the Ring of Kerry, picture-perfect sights and quaint fishing villages in the Dingle Peninsula and the towns of Killarney and Tralee. As we made our way to Galway, we bird-watched, seeing puffins and other sea birds while visiting the Cliffs of Moher and drove through the “lunar landscape” known as The Burren. 

From the city of Galway, we explored County Galway, including the Connemara region of the country which has some of the most beautiful and diverse countryside we’ve ever seen. We also visited the cottages of Ireland’s past heroes and leaders, the Knock Shrine, Connemara National Park and the stunning Kylemore Abbey. We then moved east, back to the historic city of Dublin, where we spent the remainder of the trip exploring all that the city and surrounding countryside had to offer.


Throughout our trip, we visited castles, villages, cathedrals and pubs and learned about Ireland’s history and heritage. The one thing I will remember above all else, and this is true no matter what part of the country we visited, is that the people in Ireland were among the nicest and most sincere we’ve ever met.

KylemoorAbbeyI can’t thank Mr. Schmieding and Arthrex enough for this tremendous benefit and for all the wonderful opportunities that being part of the Arthrex family has provided my family and I over the years.”

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