Employee’s Trip of a Lifetime Celebrates Recovery


The Arthrex Trip of a Lifetime benefit, which employees are eligible for after each five years of service, is looked forward to by many, but for Senior Clinical Specialist Michelle DiLella (Chargot), MD, the five-year anniversary trip was extremely special. Michelle shared:

“I had such an enjoyable five-year Trip of a Lifetime with my husband. We visited St. Bart’s and I have to share how very thankful I am for Arthrex’s support.

xrayAt the end of 2018, I had a benign brain tumor (specifically, a pineal gland cyst) removed and had a challenging road to recovery. I came back to work two months post-surgery and couldn’t believe how clear everything was compared to before the surgery. I had become accustomed to dealing with unrelenting pain, nausea and neurological symptoms on a daily basis, but almost all these symptoms vanished when I woke up from surgery.

I want to thank Arthrex for everyone’s continued support during my recovery. It’s been eight months since the operation and I feel better every day.

My Trip of a Lifetime to St. Bart’s was my husband and I’s first trip post-surgery and we really enjoyed it. I was still recovering, but we did get to explore the island, snorkel and enjoy the wonderful French cuisine. I look forward to exploring more islands in the future and can’t thank Arthrex enough!”

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