Angela Engelhart's Hawaiian Trip of a Lifetime


Senior Packaging Machine Operator Angela Englehart celebrated 10 years of service with Arthrex by taking her Trip of a Lifetime to Hawaii.

“I chose Hawaii because it was on my bucket list. I wanted to see if it was as beautiful as people were telling me it was, and they were not wrong,” she said.  

Angela and her husband David stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, right on Waikiki Beach and next to Diamond Head Mountain, which provided stunning views.  

“My favorite parts of the trip included the Grand Circle Island Tour that literally circled the island of Oahu making sightseeing stops along the way,” Angela said.

Additionally, Angela enjoyed simply walking around the island to explore. The surrounding areas, beaches and overall culture of Hawaii made her Years of Service trip unforgettable.

For every five years of employment with Arthrex, employees are eligible for a company-paid Trip of a Lifetime to recognize their dedication. If your Trip of a Lifetime is coming up, remember to request the Arthrex Traveling Flag for your vacation and email when you return if you would like to share your experience on the intranet and/or social media.

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