Matt Lehman Celebrates Five Years with a Memorable Trip to Santorini, Greece

When Arthrex Logistics Center’s (ALC) EDI Supervisor Matt Lehman and his fiancé, Ece, received an invitation to their friend’s wedding in Santorini, Greece, they immediately knew how they were going to utilize Matt’s Trip of a Lifetime benefit.

“The timing seemed to align perfectly so that we could use the trip for a dual purpose,” Matt said.

Then Mother Nature decided to complicate things.

With Hurricane Ian brewing in the Caribbean, Matt and Ece were given the option to reschedule their flights.

“It was a scary time,” he said, “not knowing how everyone would fare in the storm.”

Although it wasn’t an easy decision, they opted to board up their house and leave a day earlier than they’d originally planned. (The fact that Ece was in the wedding party factored into their decision, too.)

“There was some strong turbulence on our way out of Miami,” Matt said. “But we did end up with an extra day to explore Madrid before continuing on to Santorini.”

In the short time they had to explore the capital of Spain, they were able to visit Plaza Mayor, a central square that dates back to the 15th century, and El Retiro Park, where they rented a rowboat and paddled around Retiro Pond using traditional wooden oars.

Once in Santorini, Matt and Ece rented an ATV, the preferred method of traveling the narrow streets and steep inclines. When they weren’t involved in wedding festivities, they enjoyed the local shops and restaurants—especially the authentic gyros. They also found time to hike the popular 6.5-mile trail from Fira to Oia, taking a detour to climb Skaros Rock.

Matt and Ece returned home to find that despite the devastation throughout much of the area, their home and cars hadn’t sustained any damage.

They quickly jumped in to help those less fortunate, including an Arthrex Manufacturing Inc. East (AMIE) employee whose house had flooded during the storm. Along with his parents, AMIE Packaging Machine Operator Mary Ann Lehman and Product Surveillance Coordinator David Lehman, Matt and Ece and another eight or nine Arthrex employees spent a full day helping to clear out the flooded house.

Despite the worry that came with traveling during the storm, Matt said it really was a dream trip.  

He and Ece have their own wedding coming up in November 2023, and although most of the details have been decided, they haven’t yet picked a destination for their honeymoon. Matt said their trip gave them inspiration, though.

“Greece was so beautiful, we’re considering going back.”

For every five years of employment with Arthrex, employees are eligible for a company-paid Trip of a Lifetime to recognize their dedication. Look for more Trip of a Lifetime highlights on the Arthrex Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

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