Arthrex Receives Teradata Award

Teradata AwardLast December, Arthrex launched a new project management software called Teradata as well as a new digital asset management (DAM) system called ADAM to provide solutions for managing marketing project requests and the review process and storage of assets created for product and corporate marketing materials. Since being implemented, more than 100,000 digital assets have been uploaded to the DAM and 800 project requests have already been received to service the marketing needs of all departments and product teams.    

Arthrex's unique integration between this new marketing resource management solution and digital asset management solution was recognized by Teradata with a 2015 Apex Award for Agility and Excellence. Last month, Marketing Operations Supervisor Jeannette Carr and GIS Business Solutions Lead Greg Kirchdorfer accepted the Apex award on behalf of Arthrex, and all implementation team members across various departments were recognized at a breakfast celebration event on Friday, May 29. Congratulations to the team for the hard work and effort of all involved! 

  • Primary Visionary 
    • Marc Limano


  • Steering Committee 
    • Cindy Obrecht
    • Uwe Kronewiter
    • Tim Hoover
    • Shawn Buskey
    • Ravi Chandran 
    • Mike Lasater
    • Dale Bondanza 
    • Wesley Bloemker 
    • Diana Mills


  • Project Core Team
    • Jeannette Carr
    • Sandy Landry
    • Greg Kirchdorfer
    • Diana Fournier
    • Bala Raman
    • Yasar Arafat
    • Helene Costello 


  • Project Extended Testing Team
    • Lindsay Sullivan
    • Jarrett Brown
    • Deborah Cecere
    • Diego Guzman
    • Marie Zamor 


  • Project Infrastructure Team
    • Thomas Birch 
    • Chris Reyes 
    • Libert Riveron 
    • PJ Bimonte
    • Vijay Kingston


  • Training Consultant
    • Maria Hernandez


  • International Representation  
    • Judith Kaiser            

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