Hungarian National Swim Team and Famed Olympian Visit Arthrex

LaszloCsehandDonaldThe Hungarian National Swim Team visited Arthrex in February during their month-long stay in Southwest Florida. The team learned about Arthrex through Donald Bajzat, a machinist at Arthrex Manufacturing, Inc. Donald grew up in Hungary and is close friends with Zsolt Plaganyi, a world champion Hungarian swim coach who has trained several national and world champions. The team’s trip was not sponsored by Arthrex, Donald simply recognized the visit as an opportunity for the athletes to learn more about how Arthrex innovation helps champions around the world.

In addition to their visit to Inc., the team trained at the Olympic-sized pool and athletic gym at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Six-time Olympic medalist Laszlo Cseh, who also visited, helps mentor the team and trains under the same coach. Laszlo's most recent Olympic accomplishments were winning a silver medal in the 2016 Rio games for the men’s 100-meter butterfly, tying the United States’ Michael Phelps and South Africa’s Chad Le Clos.

Laszlo, who has suffered both foot and knee injuries during his career, admired how Arthrex helps athletes get back in the game. He shared, "I injured my foot three weeks before the 2004 Olympics in Athens. I had surgery and went back into training just a week later, so I know how important fast recovery is to athletes."

Since the team's February visit, Laszlo has already won two additional gold medals and one bronze medal at the Hungarian Swimming National Championships, which are still underway. He is the most decorated swimmer that Zsolt has ever coached and Hungary's most celebrated Olympic athlete.

Donald showed Laszlo and the team our latest innovations in the product showroom and introduced them to President and Founder Reinhold Schmieding. The athletes were impressed with their visit and excited to learn that Arthrex products and procedures have helped Olympians and other professional athletes.


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