Arthrex Invests in Employee Health, Safety with High-Tech Disinfectant Systems

NAPLES, FL – May 8, 2020 – Arthrex is further demonstrating its commitment to the health and safety of all employees with investments in high-tech workplace disinfectant technology. As COVID-19 progressed, Arthrex proactively installed state-of-the-art sanitization systems in its facilities around the world to help ensure all team members and visitors work in the healthiest possible environment. This has resulted in very low levels of positive cases among our employee population.

Synexis™ Microbial Reduction Systems are cutting-edge disinfectant systems that kill airborne and surface bacteria and viruses. This has enabled Arthrex employees to continue supplying essential products to health care professionals around the world. Additionally, as many hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers resume elective surgeries. Arthrex is well-positioned with inventory to provide all products needed to satisfy the backlog of cases.

“Arthrex is dedicated to the health and well-being of all who enter our facilities. Our goal with these investments in disinfectant technology is to create work environments where our employees and visitors can feel safe and focus on delivering the most innovative products and medical education experiences,” said David Bumpous, Arthrex senior director of operations.

Synexis technology is proven to kill airborne and surface bacteria and viruses in buildings using a low level of dry gaseous hydrogen peroxide, a potent antimicrobial agent. The system continuously produces and distributes it throughout buildings to disinfect even hard-to-reach places. The continuous distribution of dry hydrogen peroxide drastically reduces levels of bacteria, fungi and viruses throughout the treated area. Hydrogen peroxide is naturally present in the body’s immune system, especially in the lungs, which means the Synexis system is safe for use in occupied spaces and does not require specific action from those working in treated areas.

The Synexis systems have proven so effective in sanitizing workplace spaces, Arthrex has expanded the investment to the Innovation Hotel. The 169-room facility, located on Arthrex’s Naples campus, opened earlier this year as an immersive educational experience for health care professionals participating in Arthrex’s comprehensive medical education programming. Innovation currently uses Synexis machines in common areas and the planned expansion would extend the system to guest rooms.

Arthrex has also incorporated an air filtration system into its new global headquarters building, Arthrex One, that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to kill unwanted microorganisms. In addition to the UV lights, a silver ion antimicrobial paint covers the interior surface of the air handling units. The combination of UV light and silver ion protects against mold, fungus and microbial growth within the building’s vents. Together the Synexis and UV light filtration systems work to make Arthrex facilities safe places to work and visit.

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