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Knotted and Knotless Acetabular Labral Repair Featuring 2.4 mm Mini Hip PushLock® Anchors and 1.6 mm Curved Hip FiberTak® Anchors

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    • Ref. #: VID1-000099-en-US
    • Version: A
    • Duration: 00:11:01
    • Publication Date: 9/11/19
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    • Presenter: John Christoforetti, MD
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John Christoforetti, MD, (Allen, TX) performs a knotted acetabular labral repair using a curved 1.6 mm Hip FiberTak® anchor and a knotless acetabular labral repair using 2.4 mm Mini Hip PushLock® anchors, both with SutureTape. He outlines the steps for passing both simple and mattress suture configurations using the SwiftStitch™ suture passer to create a low-profile repair construct.