The Tibial Nail System is designed to provide intramedullary fixation for various types of fractures, malunions, and nonunions of the tibia. A single instrumentation tray provides the tools for a parapatellar or suprapatellar approach. The distal screw configuration is the most distal combination of screws available on the market today, which maximizes the working length of the nail, allowing the nail to treat extremely proximal or distal fracture patterns.

Tibial Nail System Features:

  • Most distal screw cluster on the market
  • Three proximal screw options
  • Threaded screw holes
  • Up to 8 mm of intraoperative compression
  • Flexible suprapatellar sheath
  • Diameters: 8 mm-13 mm in 1 mm increments
  • Lengths: 27 cm-39 cm in 1.5 cm increments
  • 10° proximal Herzog bend and 3° distal bend facilitate implantation

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